Sityodtong is well known for its world class Muay Thai training and MMA coach  Kru Mark DellaGrotte. Since Ronda Rousey won over Dana White and the UFC,  interest in Women's MMA has rapidly grown. It's been only a matter of time before the Sityodtong camp produced its own home grown ...

Medeiros vs Sazoff Fight Video

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Kaline Vs Rachel B&W

  Kaline Medeiros won by unanimous decision against a tough Rachel Sazoff in the first women's mma fight in Rhode Island state! Fights were held at Twin Rivers Casino by CES MMA. All I can say is Sazoff can take a body punch and a body slam!!         Check out the video high lights: Round ...

Kaline Medeiros Makes History

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Kaline B&W poster

  Making history, October 4th at Twin Rivers Casino is the first female fight for CES MMA.  Kaline Medeiros (1-3) fighting out of TriForce MMA in Pawtucket RI,  will be facing Rachel "the Black Widow" Sazoff from Ricardo Almeida Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.  This will be a straw weight bout at ...

Chris Santos ~Cyborg Rises

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Cyborg_Rise Again-B&W

Out of ashes Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos rises from the humbling experience of being dethroned to victory becoming Invicta FC's Light Weight Champion! Long Live the Queen!

Rousey Does it Again !

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Rousey vs CarmoucheWeigh Ins UFC 157-B&W

WMMA History in the making....WOW! Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche came out storming!

UFC 157 Rousey vs Carmouche_crop

In an interview on Fuel TV, UFC President Dana White tells the boys (at about 9:00 minutes in) that "I've heard some flack about the girls. Their mitt work is better than half the bleepity bleep guys." White has certainly changed his tune and kept his word with developing ...

Rousey staredown Kaufman_B&W

Ronda Rousey wins again! Submitting Sarah Kaufman in 54 seconds on the first round with her signature arm bar. Seconds before the ultimate finish and tap by Kaufman , Rousey had Kaufman on the run defending jabs before Rousey took the crucial takedown sweeping Kaufmans left leg. Even though she ...

Rousey & White-B&W

Seems as though UFC President Dana White has a new crush! During Showtimes' All Access: Ronda Rousey episode 1 debut, White praised the StrikeForce Bantamweight Champion saying, "Everything you need in a fighter, she has. Yet she's a women and she's beautiful! The Ronda Rousey package is different than any other ...

Thumbs Up Kaline B&W

Ending the month strong for Women's MMA was Kaline Medeiros of North Dartmouth, Massachusetts! Kaline had been trying to get a fight for sometime and the call finally came. She would face Stephanie "Snowflake" Eggink (1-1-0) from Tampa, Florida. In her last fight against Katie Merrill “Medeiros wind milled several overhand ...

Dana White on Women’s MMA

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In a recent interview President Dana White talks with reporter Marcus Kowal in an interview on the history and what’s next for the UFC. Dana White has a lot to say about Women's MMA! At 8:40 seconds into the second part of the interview, White speaks about fighter safety and ...