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Rousey staredown Kaufman_B&W

Ronda Rousey wins again! Submitting Sarah Kaufman in 54 seconds on the first round with her signature arm bar. Seconds before the ultimate finish and tap by Kaufman , Rousey had Kaufman on the run defending jabs before Rousey took the crucial takedown sweeping Kaufmans left leg. Even though she defended well, Kaufman was disappointed  [ Read More ]

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Rousey & White-B&W

Seems as though UFC President Dana White has a new crush! During Showtimes’ All Access: Ronda Rousey episode 1 debut, White praised the StrikeForce Bantamweight Champion saying, “Everything you need in a fighter, she has. Yet she’s a women and she’s beautiful! The Ronda Rousey package is different than any other package we’ve seen. She’s  [ Read More ]

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