Shelley sits down with MMA fighter Rachel Reinheimer and they discuss their introductions to WMMA and their history together in the sport.




Watch the Podcast:

Part 1: Rachel and Shelley have a little pre podcast chat about Shelley’s bucket list and then get into their history in WMMA together including: broken noses, ACL surgery & recovery, that there is no crying in MMA, being a better mom and her last Muay Thai fight at No Boundary Fight.

Part 2: Rachel and Shelley discuss women only classes, divorce, work, training, mid life crisis, being tougher than everyone else, breaking barriers, dating and cutting weight.

Part 3: Rachel and Shelley continue their chat about racism, how MMA is a pure form of communication, and all the  metaphors associated with the art. Also how yoga and meditation help with training and life issues.

Listen to the entire Podcast uninterrupted: Episode 4


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