Acupuncturist and Medical Tuina Therapist Kim Foster suggests 3 Free Hacks for MMA Fighters to keep them injury free longterm

  1. Usually athletes eat whey protein , lots of shakes with protein snack bars. move away from cold raw foods and go back to eating whole foods with a variety of vegetables that are cooked. This will cut down on inflammation in the body.
  2. Change up your program and add in some Yoga to stretch the body out and remove adhesions that limit blood flow
  3.  Athletes are often in a high adrenaline state for example Fighters need to take time to get out of the Fight or Flight state so their nervous system has a chance to recover from the stress response to reduce cortizol production which is a known cause of inflammation. They need to reset their bodies and come back to zero. 20 minutes of breathing is a great way to do this at the start of your day.

Listen here to here more recovery tips for MMA fighters with acupuncturist Kim Foster: Evolve WMMA – Practices for MMA Fighters to Keep Themselves Injury Free

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