Did you know that the key to earning your black belt is with this simple yet overlooked value? It’s so simple that we tend to negate it or dismiss it, yet it is SUPER important! What that value is, you ask?…it’s persistence.

Persistence is the force behind persevering when you think you can not go on for 1 more second. It’s the difference between not showing up and following through with a goal, to having the mind set of never quit or never give up especially when it comes to dealing with adversity.

Sensei Cara Crisafulli discovered this simple yet overlooked value during her years of martial arts training on her way to becoming a black belt. She had an epiphany where she thought “it was not by skill that I got there, but more persistence”.

This never give up attitude also carried her through a bought with breast cancer. During her treatment she still continued to train at her karate school. She was determined to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty, she kept a positive attitude and Nevertheless SHE Persisted!

Listen here as she talks about her journey. Evolve WMMA Podcast: The Key to Earning A Black Belt

Here’s Cara teaching her first karate class to children in Guatemala.

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