I can’t help but wonder what Gina Carano must be thinking with the recent news of the former Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Champion? as well as Jan Finney, Marloes Coenen, and Hiroko Yamanaka.

After seeing Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos annihilate Hiroko Yamanaka in 16 seconds, I have to say I was disappointed because I felt yet again something was amiss. Every guy around me was making derogatory comments about her being a man. So yah, I’m upset.

Being respected in a male dominated sport is hard enough and listening to the guys make their comments is frustrating. As an advocate of WMMA you naturally want to defend your heroine because you understand the shear guts it took her to endure the training to step inside the cage and face an opponent that wants to tear her limb from limb. So you deny the accusations even though you know they maybe true.

When we think of how far WMMA has come in this sport we love, it’s a tough psychological hit! We wanted to believe in Cris Santos.

I can’t remember where I heard this saying but it always resonated with me “What makes you can break you” And I think of this now concerning Cris Santos. We could feel how enormous the elation she felt after winning all her fights as a representative of WMMA was but the humiliation & shame she must be feeling now, can be no measure.

As fans, we can hold a blind eye to the use of performance enhancing drugs (PED) used by athletes. There are those that can rationalize the use of them but when you take a cold hard look at what they do and the long term harm they cause to the overall athlete, sport, and fan is it really worth doing?

Cris Santos is clearly an amazing, superbly skilled female fighter and athlete. The demands required to be a MMA fighter can be difficult, but there should be absolutely no tolerance for cheating. Santos recently released an official apology claiming full responsibility and that she was having a difficult time cutting weight and used a dietary supplement that she was assured was “ok” to use.

“Dietary Supplement safe and not prohibited to use”, Excuse me if I’m finding this a bit hard to swallow! Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware of steroid use among top athletes including UFC fighters and why they use them. I can even understand the temptation as to why a woman with such talent felt the need to use a prohibited substance to gain an advantage, but I do not believe this was her first time! So please do not continue to insult my intelligence by being coyly dishonest!

Beyond the excuse Santos was using, she has an experienced team of coaches, if there was a question about a supplement she was taking, Google it if its in question! It has been reported in Ultimate Apocalypse that she used the substance stanozolol metabolites.

Stanozolol is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. It is usually used in a “cutting cycle”, to help preserve lean body mass while metabolizing adipose,”

I can’t help but think to use any of this stuff you must have experience with it!

The UFC has no control over and doesn’t actually do steroid testing; it’s left to the various state athletic commissions. Although they test every main-event fighter, plus several others, at each event;
there is no random testing in the UFC or Strikeforce. A fighter can easily train for several months before a match giving the fighter plenty of time to cycle on and off a steroid program and come up clean before the test.

As fans we love our favorite hero/heroine and we will stand up for them and believe in them as we should even when they fall. As women in a sport dominated by men, I have to ask why do we have to behave like men do just because we want to compete in the same sport? Yes, its common knowledge that anabolic steroids have been used in every sport. But as women, having a synthetic version of a natural male hormone “testosterone” pushing muscle growth beyond the norm seems at best absurd and for weight loss laughable. The physical health consequences alone would scare the crap out anyone. (check out Science of Steroids)

When I watched Santos back in 2009. Steroid use was on my mind and everyone else’s then too. Even after her fight with Yamanaka, I was astounded why she hadn’t been tested not realizing that up until now she has never tested positive for steriod use, but that does not mean they were not used. I heard stories that you can hide it if done correctly by cycling them, but man all the classic symptoms were there, it seemed blatantly obvious.

Finally on January 6, 2012,the state of California reported that Santos tested positive for anabolic steroids and as a result of the banned substance,her fight against Yamanaka has been changed to a no decision, her license suspended, and she’s been stripped of the title, and fined $2,500. Shocking? To most, not really! but finally the truth is out after 2 years, and don’t say she wasn’t on them during her fight with Gina Carano! Jan Finney! Marloes Coenen! before proven with Hiroko Yamanaka!

What does this mean for WMMA?

Dana White told ESPN Radio in Las Vegas of Santos.

“She’s getting stripped of the title. This pretty much kills the division.” and “I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

So no more 145 lbs women’s division? Unless of course, some one like Gina Carano decides to jumpstart it with a come back. I’m sure Strikeforce and the UFC would welcome her back with open arms when or if she decides to resume her MMA career.

The potential for a 145 lb division with Santos out for a year, could be perhaps, a stroke of luck for WMMA. Fights would certainly be more evenly matched. Consider Rousey vs Carano?

In a recent in depth interview with Ariel Helwani, Carano speaks about her fight with Santos and her dream of someday fighting in the UFC.

Could we see more fights in that division? Let’s hope Carano does come back and the division that was established not be scrapped because one fighter made a poor decision!

As for Santos, time will tell what kind of person she is by the way she comes back and if she will still be welcome in Strikeforce. She is definitely a fighter I want to see again and will be watching. Lets hope honesty will prevail and she comes back a natural amazing athlete we all know she can be!

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  1. Sonny says:

    Santos is a cheater!!!! I always knew she was on something!!! the way she over powered Carano was a sure indication of it!!!! Carano was a champion Muy thai fighter and for that testosterone taking woman to beat her down that easy??..it was obvious!! I’m glad they finally caught the cheater! let’s make her fight Carano after and olympic style testing…I bet you Carano will beat the crap out of her!!!

    • Anissa says:

      Awesome fight. By the way, got to say I love this site. Most reliable source of mma videos I know of, I always come here when I wanna watch the latest fights!

      • Onaysha says:

        So how you know that? There are a lot of women who are very muscular. Cris trains hard, does sparring sessions with men. I doubt that there is a woman in MMA who trains like Cris. She was blessed with great genes that make her a great fighter. People who watch MMA should praise fighters like Cris, instead of bashing her because she is ugly and the other is pretty.

        • Dwik says:

          She is a decent MMA fighter. But a great striker because of her Muay Thai background. She’s currently training at Randy Couture’s gym to become better on the ground, when she becomes better on the ground she will hands down be a great all-around MMA fighter You probably already know this but she has a show on the Oxygen channel called Fight Girls along with her instructor Master Toddy, you might like it.

  2. Joselita says:

    You made a big deal about this matter in January and then you go and feature Medeiros on your website. Nice job. If you don’t want steroids in this sport, then criticize all the users not just Cyborg. The Medeiros-Eggink fight is a veritable replay of Cyborg-Yamanaka … and likely for the exact same reasons.

    • Shelley says:

      Cris Cyborg tested positive for steroid use, the article was written based on known facts. As for steroids being used by Medeiros, I couldn’t say one way or the other, nor would I want to. What I will say is Medeiros trains hard and consistently, and her body has shown the results. She is very serious and has competed against some tough competitors here in New England. After seeing the video of the Medeiros-Eggink fight…Eggink clearly dropped her right hand after throwing a lazy leg kick. Medeiros simply got the better of her with a overhand right, her signature punch!

      • Damaris says:

        Gina Carano hasn’t signed with Strikeforce yet. If I was Gina, I either would sign a lottery type payday or I wouldn’t sign with Strikeforce to fight Cyborg. Santos is a machine. I am afraid she would walk through Gina. Gina is hype and Hollywood and into the business more than being an MMA fighter. Cyborg is into being an MMA fighter. I am sick of everyone thinking Gina has anything. She is just a pretty face and Cyborg will make her not so pretty when she is finished. Gina knows all of this.

      • John says:

        these women are trained fighters, u may be tough, but unless ur a professional fighter there’s no way u could beat them, they’ve dealt with broken bones, if u broke their bones what makes u think they’d cry? they’ve dealt with the worst. Just because they’re women doesn’t mean they can’t be stronger or tougher than men. Men are stronger I agree, BUT only when we’re talking about averages, these women aren’t average so that generality is invalid.

        • Pratyush says:

          I think they are both world class athletes from great camps. I think they are both at the top of the sport as far as women go. I think they both sacicfried quite a bit to make this fight happen. As for the fight itself, I was always a fan of Cyborg. I love her steamroller style of fighting. Still, going in I thought this fight could go either way, because Gina is great at fighting while moving backwards, and Christiane is great at fighting forwards. I was surprised at both of their strength, but from what I could see, it seemed like Cyborg may have had the better sparring partners, and the better cardio for the longer rounds. She just seemed better prepared.In the end, it was an awesome fight, and I hope woman’s mma benefits from it.

          • Garima says:

            Yeah, you are right, she can fight though and her fight last night was pretty entertaining, she was walking through shots like Jake La Motta in the cage last night and the other fights were good as well, good night for MMA fans.

          • Sonu says:

            She is on her way to be a complete fighter. Her main base is Muay Thai. . .which is great. Ground game. . .? Maybe she does need work, but who doesn’t in any aspect of MMA. That’s why these athletes train everyday. This is what they do. Yes, Gina is a good MMA fighter. . .with her continued training. . .can be a great one. As with anything, practice is what makes almost perfect.

    • Kerolayne says:

      at the Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz post-event press conference he hopes to setup the fight in August.They were suppose to meet earlier but EliteXC went under and finally Strikeforce bought the contracts. Santos fought (Hitomi Akano) on the same card as the Shamrock vs. Diaz fight. So hopefully everything works out and they will set this fight up; rumors are the fight will be on Showtime and not a PPV event. That isn’t set in stone but I read that in another interview with Coker.

    • Taewza says:

      plus, don’t forget, u don’t know and u haven’t met all the professional fighter women in the world, so how do u know u can beat all of them? are u a professional MMA fighter yourself? cuz if so then maybe u are stronger than many professional fighter women, but the best of the best u haven’t met (at least i doubt it), so maybe generalizing isn’t a good thing right here

  3. Santos is currently the #4-ranked 145-pound female MMA fighter in the world according to the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings.

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