In a sneak screening I got to see, Gina Carano make her Hollywood debut as femme fatale Mallory Kane, a CIA trained operative working for a shadowy security agency contracted by the US government, in director Steven Soderbergh’s film “Haywire”.

Soderbergh was so impressed with Carano’s beauty and skills as a MMA fighter after seeing her 145 lb title shot against Cristiane (Cyborg) Santos two years ago, he decided to build a movie around her. And that he did! He surrounded Carano with a cast of actors that betray her in this action- thriller. What fun!

Giving an authentic fight performance, Carano got to beat the snot out of beefcake operative/lover, Aaron played by Channing Tatum, faux husband, Paul played by Michael Fassbender and her boss and ex-lover, Kenneth played by Ewan McGregor.

Everything a girl could want! It’s kinda like a good dose of therapy, where girl beats up bad boys in realistically crafted fight scenes. Carano is as real as it gets and the audience liked it! But the movie falls short being far too predictable.

“Haywire” opens January 20th.

What’s Next for Carano?

You’re guess is as good as mine. As far as Hollywood goes, Haywire could be a nice stepping stone for Carano to play Wonder Woman. But if I were a betting girl, after the twitter war between Santos and Rousey this week with that photo shopped pic of Carano that was posted, it would be nice to see Gina get a shot back in the cage in the UFC.

I would have to think that Dana White, the Fertitta Bros and Scott Coker could offer this girl an irresistible deal that would make all players some serious bling. These guys would be crazy not to play this hand!! It’s a royal flush… 145 lb division title shot, Villain vs. Heroine! That’s the kinda Gina Carano, real as it gets I wanna see!

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  1. dieta says:

    She graduated from Trinity Christian High School in Las Vegas, Nevada where she led the girls basketball team to a state title. She played volleyball and softball.

    • Nada says:

      has a hardbody. If you disagree, let her know and see how far that gets you. Check out the Satan workout we featured a couple years ago to see Gina working

      • Jamel says:

        Gina will be fine. She has other endeavors besides fighting. I imagine she’ll fight in Japan where woman’s MMA has a solid base. Kimbo is screwed. No one will give him anywhere near the money he was getting from Elite XC. He’ll eventually take a lower offer though because he’ll want the money, but he’ll get destroyed by any fighter in the UFC or Affliction. He does have a possibility in Japan where some MMA fights are fixed.

    • Uinam says:

      #3 ranked FEMALE figethr in the world. So she’s good for a girl.How would the #3 ranked women’s basketball player do in the NBA? It would be laughable. She wouldn’t even come close to making a roster.How would the #3 ranked women’s 100 meter sprinter do against the top men? She’d get completely blown away to an embarrassing degree.How would the #3 ranked women’s boxer do against the top ranked male boxers in her weight class? She’d be immediately destroyed.It’s the same with almost every activity. Elite men dominate elite women in almost everything, and especially in sports and fighting.Yes, elite women can beat mediocre guys. But it’s laughable to think she wouldn’t likely get whooped by elite guys.

      • Apul says:

        It hasn’t been released yet. Plenty of time for the studio to toss in some scenes of George Smiley laying some MMA kick ass on his MI6 bosses because they betrayed him because he knew too much about something or other. But seriously the whole rogue agent battling their former CIA bosses an extremely overused cliche that just screams lazy writing.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hello everyone that may be reading this! =)

    Here’s what I think needs to happen. First of all, after watching countless interviews of Gina you can see the passion burning through here eyes when she always gets asked the usual question, “will you ever get back in the cage?” she bites her lip, exciting yet not even saying a yes or no because look at the position she’s in right now. She is a woman warrior, now a stepping stone to become a Hollywood actress what more can you ask for from a chick that humbly grew up in LV not ever thinking she would be at where she is today. My predication is that within time when Ronda takes the belt from Tate everyone will be rushing to see the next BIG fight ” GINA vs RONDA” ….. However, she clearly needs to fight back up to the top, but it won’t be long til then.

    • Hijab says:

      She is filming the new Steven Soderbergh movie, Knockout . Which I can only hope is an adult only movie!!! But it is relaly a female version of the The Bourne Identity movie.CEO Scott Coker stated in an interview early this year that he expects Gina to come back after the filming is done which he believes will be mid-2010 so hopefully before September.I hope the movie is good because the other actors in teh movie are Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton and Michael Douglas. Pretty good cast around Gina except she probably needs me onset to help her relax.

    • Jatinder says:

      She’s 145 – hardly boney for a woman. But it’s boney and wimpy compared to the much larger (and supposedly elite-level) guys that Soderbergh wants us to believe she’s superior to. And that’s the point.When comparing fighters, if one is far smaller, wimpier, and boney-armed than the others, then it is correct to point that out. It’s irrelevant to say, well, she’s not boney armed for a girl, because she’s not just fighting with a bunch of small girls. She’s fighting a bunch of big guys, so they are the relevant reference point.

  3. Shelley says:

    I think Gina could make a public announcement of her return to MMA and like Ronda ask for a title shot….I think Dana would love it!

    • mathieu says:

      LEGENDARY is not a good enough word to describe him that’s the man the myth and the LEGEND ,,, Gracie is the man the broke out the sport and brought it to center stage ur a lucky girl to get to hang with him.. hope u had a great time!!!! I hear he is super cool and not an ego freak at all

      • Sam says:

        who cares about Kimbo he’s not good enough for the UFC he’ll get dominated by every heavyweight in the class, think of the people he’d have to fight Brock, Randy, Gonzaga, Mir, Cro Cop, Minotaro, yeah he would get smoked by that whole class. As for Gina I would like to see Dana White have a Women’s class and Gina is the best of the best when it comes to women fighters.

      • Neha says:

        Nope, match went exactly the way I expected. Carano’s stand up might be good mechanics-wise. But Cyborg is as well, except she has a lot more power, a lot more well-rounded as she has ground game while Carano doesn’t. And Cyborg pretty much, strikes like that of a man. Yeah, I can’t imagine anyone getting Cyborg’s belt for awhile as I don’t see any woman who would have the skill to overcome Cyborg’s power and tip top training. She was trained well indeed.

    • Jotjot says:

      Beautiful trailer, looks like a well-made (but obviously formulaic) martial arts/spy action movie, a la The Bourne Identity and Steven Seagal. Could they have thought this up when Angelina Jolie played, Salt ? The only problem with movies like this is that the protagonist never breaks a sweat or even gets so much as a paper cut. I’m willing to give it a chance, but I’m a little perturbed at Bill Paxton here, he seems REALLY out of place. I don’t buy him as a bad guy or tied up with bad guys. John V. Karavitis

      • Ariel says:

        Yea clown always has alot of ignorant stuff to say. sorry about him, we all know he has no clue what he’s talking about. Anyway, Gina doesn’t have any guarantee lined up but she certainly will. Shes at the top of female MMA fighters. Dana still doesn’t want girls in the UFC, who knows why. People love to watch them more then some of the preliminary fights you see before the main events. (not to dog on prelims, some of them are ruthless)Anyway, Kimbo is supposed to fight a rematch vs Seth Petruzelli at the Dream K-1 Fight on December 31st in Japan. But who knows.Also, he has been offered a spot on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, which I truly believe he will do well on, and I PRAY he wins to shut up Clowns like Dana and all the other wannabe MMA fighters that call themselves fans. Kimbo has a lot of potential that could be exposed on the Ultimate Fighter

  4. venezuela says:

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  6. Yesica says:

    Their talking about Slice maybe trying out for the next heavy weight Ultimate Fighter show, they feel he’ll bring a lot of viewers. But Slice wants too much money, I think he’d be demolished in the Octagon. Gina Carano, She’s a star, looks, talent, personality, she can do anything she wants. I’d rather see her in a swimsuit than fighting,(keeping it PG) kids on the sight.

  7. Abuga says:

    Gina Carano is the female version of Kimbo Slice. She is all promotion. Cris Santos on the other hand is the real deal.I loved watching Gina getting her pretty face beat down. I just wish the fight had kept going so she could have taken more of a beating.I was surprised the odds were as close as they were.I never thought Gina would have 1/2 a chance going against a real MMA fighter.The little Japanese girl that fought Cris last gave her more of a fight than Gina did.I loved it.

  8. No no no. I do all the fight scenes and everything I can physically that way, but you can’t take anything away from stuntwomen and stuntmen. They do things that production won’t let me do. I know a lot of actors say that, but when you see these stunts, I’m just like I don’t know if I’d do that anyway because it looks like you just broke your neck [laughs]. I saw one today where a girl got hit by a car and she rolled over it. I don’t think I could do that.

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