Between the two leading promotions supporting top female fighters, Strikeforce and Bellator, neither of them have truly embraced WMMA. Perhaps it’s due to last years Zuffa’s purchase of Strikeforce, but really who cares?

While they’re trying to figure out what to do with WMMA, fans are growing increasing more interested in seeing female fighters like Meisha Tate, Sarah Kaufman, Cris Santos, Marloes Coenen, Rhonda Rousey, Zoila Gurgel, and Tara LaRosa. So what’s the hold up?? I want to see these girls fight more often! Having them and other female talent under one roof seems like a no brainer for a promotion like Zuffa to back, after all, they do have the bling to create stars out of these girls. But the question this coming year is still, “will they”??

Women’s MMA needs a boost, if Strikeforce can’t handle the bill, may be getting a “Cage of Their Own” will give a growing fan base what it wants!

Last year, Janet Martin came out of no where and sponsored the G2 Summit promising big things for WMMA. It appears she’s good on her word. Where others have been unable to put the entire dream together, she’s been working hard putting together her female only MMA events company Invicta Fighting Championships!

So the race is on, will Zuffa get its head out of the sand and back a female only promotion with top ranked female fighters through Strikeforce? Or, will Janet Martin start signing all the unsigned top female talent along with the next generation of female fighters chomping on the bit for a fight and get her promotion off the ground this Spring 2012 to showcase a true “Cage of their Own” with Invicta Fighting Championships?

Time will tell, dreams are big and it may be that it’s time for Strikeforce, Bellator & Zuffa to move over because there’s a new promotion in town for WMMA and its called Invicta Fighting Championships!

PS: Click fighters names to view videos. My favorite is the interview with the Gurgels! 😉

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  1. las artes says:

    Ronda Rousey has already made an “I told you so ” comment we posted yesterday, but here is what some of WMMA’s other top fighters had to say through the medium of twitter.

  2. dieta says:

    Ronda Rousey has already made an “I told you so ” comment we posted yesterday, but here is what some of WMMA’s other top fighters had to say through the medium of twitter.

  3. Lili says:

    Well, Brazilian MMA is also dead.How many big name promotions are there in Brazil these days that can hold a candle to UFC? None.Ummm .. what was the point again?

    • Sischa says:

      Tate and Rousey have both put in a lot of efforts to promote themselves on their own for this fight. This is who the fans want to see, so there is a lot of hype built around the two talking smack to each other for the entire pre-fight time. You see both of them constantly promoting themselves on social media networks, and you never really saw that effort from Kaufman. Even when she was champ! I don’t think the division is overlooked as there are several fans still wanting to see Kaufman vs Davis. Fans just love smack talk!

      • Andhy says:

        Women fight each other all the time over silly shit..As long as they fight each other why can’t they fight for money? They aren’t wanting to fight guys and pitch a fit because MMA won’t let them. Its their own division. I don’t understand what the issue is. They don’t lose their femininity..they just lose the option of an average JOE being able to stomp their ass if they are in a bad relationship.You must be a weak bitch or a dude that likes being dominant over women. Either or,you suck

        • Hernesto says:

          Sengoku had 1200 people at their shows. Shevallo and meegztr pushed it to 1202. Probably 600 paid attendance. Dream was blowing their wad On lasers, lights and production. ****ing learned nothing from Pride collapse. Goddam **** shit. ****in UFC pig dogs. Pride was soooo much better than UFC. Free for all on roids (this makes fights better you haters), open weight tourneys .****

    • Aliou says:

      it has to be UFC fighters in the Olympics and not MMA fighters? I’m sure Eddie Alvarez would do awesome as an Olympic mixed martial artist, same with lots of Bellator and Strikeforce fighters. Could lead to something big.

    • Sebastian says:

      Personally, I don’t have anything aisngat steroids. I don’t think I’d ever use them personally because I am a gigantic chicken and respect the power of the endocrine system far too much, but I think it’s basically a given that every professional athlete in every sport uses some kind of performance-enhancing drug, or has at one time. I personally know the endocrinologist who works with an entire pro football team…and I think that basically speaks for itself. You don’t need an endocrinologist for an entire team of healthy young people unless there’s something going on there. 😉 But I was also disappointed that now everyone can just say “Her success all boils down to the roids!” =( I don’t think that’s true. I think she’s also worked extremely, extremely hard, and other than this lapse in judgment, has proven herself to be very intelligent.

  4. JessieGirl says:

    Im so excited for this all the way in new zealand. bring on wmma!!! i bet zuffa will jump on the bandwagon as soon as invicta picks up

  5. Penne, regarded as one of the most promising, up and coming female talents in MMA, was unbeaten through her first seven professional starts before losing a unanimous decision to Zoila Gurgel on Aug. 19, 2010. In her last effort on Nov. 19, 2010, she bounced back, submitting Amy Davis with a rear-naked choke in the first round of their matchup.

  6. “This is a platform that belongs to [the fighters],” Knapp says. “It’s not about me or my business partner, or about either of us getting rich or famous. It’s about them and providing the opportunities and equality that they deserve. If everyone gets involved and puts their shoulders under it, I think that we can do something big here to change the perception and landscape of the [female] side of the sport.

  7. It is tough for women to break into the professional fighting scene, especially when few venues cater to female fighters. Invicta Fighting Championships is an all female fight promotion founded by Shannon Knapp and set to debue April 28. Headlining the event will be French MMA fighter Romy Ruyssen in her rematch with Dutch MMA fighter Marloes Coenen. I cannot wait to check out this event and watch talented fighters from Strikeforce, Bellator and other promotions square off. Check out the video from Invicta below.

    • Vinicius says:

      things like “yeah, Cyborg is only tough because she’s raelly a man. No normal woman can fight like that.” :(I admired Cyborg as a woman who wasn’t afraid to break away from gender roles, instead developing an impressively powerful physique. She refused to pander to the kind of people who only want to see female athletes in glamour shots rather than respecting their abilities. So, the steroids revelation was disappointing.Still, there are other women who remain worthy of that respect, like Lana Stefanac and Gabi Garcia. I raelly hope Cyborg’s fall from grace doesn’t turn the clock back on women’s MMA, but it’s a worrying possibility.

  8. Maria returned to MMA in May after a three-year hiatus from competition and she has quickly regained her standing as one of Brazil’s top female fighters. After a tentative start to tonight’s bout, Maria took Tavares down to the mat and used a slick transition to set up the fight-ending submission.

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