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In a recent interview President Dana White talks with reporter Marcus Kowal in an interview on the history and what’s next for the UFC.

Dana White has a lot to say about Women’s MMA! At 8:40 seconds into the second part of the interview, White speaks about fighter safety and refers to the Rousey armbar on Tate. White goes on to give his insight into the future of Women’s MMA, and it is hopeful!

White still holds to his statement that there are still “not enough really, really good women to create a division”. He even thinks that they will run into a problem with Ronda Rousey. Stating that its possible there will be nobody exciting enough for her to fight even though he says that the likelihood of a Cyborg vs Rousey matchup up will happen.

As for a Women’s Ultimate Fighter….he didn’t say no!

White goes on to say “Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate have changed my mind. They have changed my mind! I was excited for that fight, it was an awesome fight, they both looked like two skilled martial artists. They changed my mind! If there are more Meisha Tates and Ronda Rousey’s popping up then the answer is YES!”

I’ll take that as a green light for Women’s MMA!

Listen to the full interview for yourself:

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    • Amys says:

      I believe Cristiane’s strength is her Muay Thai. That’s where she’s most comfortable. She doesn’t have the precision of someone like Anderson Silva, though. Her chance against Rousey is to land a few hard punches and finish the fight quickly. Rousey most likely doesn’t have a? great chin. If they get close and clinch, I believe Cyborg doesn’t have a chance. Ronda is way too technical and Cyborg won’t have the strength advantage that win gave to her.

      • Ivan says:

        You’re insulting me because you’re immature. When you grow up and get big you probably won’t be such a keyboard commando. Sure, you’re right, everyone is flawed but instead of worrying about everyone else and their shortcomings why don’t you do yourself a service and work on yours. Lots of people are, look this up BIASED. It definitely seems silly that she’d admire Chael and hate on Cyborg so much BUT you’re comparing apples to oranges. Coming from a bodybuilding background I have an idea of what is natural and what’s not, it’s safe to say that the majority of guys in the UFC have been on a couple cycles. However, it doesn’t seem that way in women’s MMA, there are a few exceptions though. Hell, Ronda is carrying a good amount of LBM herself for a woman. Lastly, you taking a stab at Ronda for not winning a gold medal in the Olympics is hilarious, have you ever competed in the Olympics? Do me a favor if you don’t mind, link me to a video of your fight against Ronda.

        • Gris says:

          Dylan you must not be familiar with the female lymphatic system, but it doesn’t produce enough of the necessary hormones for a woman to get that masculine, and Cyborgs failed drug test backs that fact up. Besides, like all drugs, steroids enter and leave your system at different rates, so doping athletes often pass drug tests by being clean right before weigh ins and testing. I’ll bet cyborg dopes before all of her fights by timing her roid cycles between testing, so are you really calling out Rousey for thinking that too? She’s not a politician man, so don’t complain about her words. She’s a classy and clean Olympian that straight throws chicks around by her own merits, with skills that she earned honestly. Plus dude . she’s like super hot.

    • Najmo says:

      Yea I remember the Carano/Cyborg fight and? noticed the same thing. Tate is more of a grappler but not sure she is a better grappler. But idk you could be right. I’ve seen Cris in grappling matches and was just impressed by what I seen. I know you saw all that strength she showed training with Tito. If/when they do fight, it will be the biggest female fight to date. I wouldn’t bet any money on that one though

      • Gris says:

        Wow, you sure are an ugly person. Just because you fight in the ring doesn’t make you anything special. A lot of people go into the ring and get their asses kicked all the time, I watched your fights and 3 out of 3 that I watched you lost. I’ll admit you can take a beating that’s for sure, at least from what I saw when you fought for that 145lb belt. I know first hand about weight cuts, I used to cut from 170 to 155 all the time, it’s not that difficult unless you just have trouble putting down the fork. I’m sure you could easily make 135 if you leaned out. Anyhow, thanks for the service, you’ve fought for my freedom because that’s what you believe in? You’re fighting for plenty of trash people like myself or at least that’s what you believe. Again, you’re letting hormones get to you, I’m sure you’re aware that anger and stress is bad for you and your baby so I suggest you calm yourself down.

        • Jaylan says:

          Superbly illuminating data here, thanks!

        • Marie says:

          I concur with the previous statement in the fact that she has no right criticizing Cris Cyborg’s looks .Last I checked MMA isn’t about being a pretty face, yes I know that it definitely helps to promote female fighters, but our skills are more important. Gina Carano wasn’t the first gorgeous female fighter, there are many pretty faces.. the thing that made Gina so popular was that she was sexy and incredibly talented. Having fought Ronda myself, I am not going to deny her talent I have the longest time in the ring with her.. which wasn’t long, but I believe she is very beatable, the trick is to train specifically for her by training with an Olympic level judo coach who knows her specific skills well and can train a defense/offense plan that reduces her ability to utilize her main skill.

  1. Shelley says:

    Boy did he change his tune about Women’s MMA! Glad to see that he’s open minded about it and enjoyed the Tate vs Rousey fight! I can’t wait to see Rousey vs Cyborg!…. that will be KILLA!

  2. Sushma says:

    is a Canadian. He will prop up Kaufman, Davis and GSP, all day, every day because they too are Canadian. Most mma fans will judge fighters on skill set and performance, this guy is incapable. To argue with this Canuck nuckle head is a complete waste of time, he has not capacity for intelligent reasoning nor enough common sense to engage? in a logical conversation. And then there’s the Misogynistic Douchebag @sayno2mma. All I can say about him is, he’s just your average garden tool.

  3. Saul says:

    Wow since your were like 16 OMG that was what last year. I don’t need to use a handle cause I know anything I say I am willing to say to someones face. The difference between you and me is that I am ready to back up my words any day of the week. You are all high and mighty in the safety of your keyboard, while I actually fight and train, and do the damn thing everyday. I fight for our country and for idiots like you to have freedom of speech. So don’t try to insult me or make comments about my pregnancy cause can never be any where near as courageous as I am, or Ronda Rousey is, or Cris Cyborg is. We actually fight in the ring and on the outside I fight for our country. So type type type away in your lil blogs or whatever and feel really superior when really you are just a loser behind a computer screen. You put your life on the line in war and then train your ass off and starve yourself to drop those last few pounds to make weight for a fight . then you might be able talk shit. Until then you grow up and get off your ass and fight for something that means something.

    • Chiiee says:

      Funny how you say she’s beatable, but yet she beat you too fast. Your game plan is a little too late. Should’ve thought about that before you actually fought her, that’s called being on your “A” game; right??? And about an Olympic trainer, HELLO!!!! How the heck do you think Ronda made it to the Olympics??? Trust me, she had A LOT of coaches watching every one of her videos to study her every moves in Judo, and look she still won that Bronze metal. People don’t like to admit it, but Ronda has pure talent. If you feel she’s beatable, you should spare with her at her gym for another match up but then again her schedule’s too busy. Been there done that, Team Ronda all day, every day! It’s all about respect for a great fighter.

    • Maaja says:

      Jose Silva you are right. It is very easy for someone who grew up with a family in the Olympics to make comments about someone who literally had to fight for what they have. As for the idiots who think I am bitter, I am not bitter at all. I didn’t say Ronda is a bad fighter, I admit she is amazing and she has told me before that she welcomes a rematch with me once I go pro. She has also offered to corner me for one of my previous fights. I was stating that no one is unbeatable. I am not bitter towards Ronda, I think her opponents need to take my advice for a chance to beat her. I am disappointed with her comments about Cris saying that she is weak, but then openly admiring Chael Sonnen as a fighter when he popped for roids after his Silva fight. You can’t call one person weak and then idolize someone else who made the same mistake!!!

  4. You sit down and have a real interview or spend a day with Ronda Rousey , she’s a different breed, man. She’s a Diaz brother trapped in a really pretty girl’s body. I’m telling you, man. She’s mean and nasty and she likes to fight and finish people.

  5. White has, however, said that “super fights” are always a possibility when involving a name like Gina Carano or current Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey .

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