Ending the month strong for Women’s MMA was Kaline Medeiros of North Dartmouth, Massachusetts!

Kaline had been trying to get a fight for sometime and the call finally came. She would face Stephanie “Snowflake” Eggink (1-1-0) from Tampa, Florida.

In her last fight against Katie Merrill “Medeiros wind milled several overhand rights. If it isn’t Medeiros’ signature, it soon will be, especially if she lands it!”  Full story

Check out this clip of Medeiros’ last fight:

Sometimes predictions come true and for Kaline Medeiros last night at 4 Bears Casino and Lodge, New Town, North Dakota, that over hand right landed in devastating fashion!  Kalines’ knockout win video

Stephanie Eggink lost her fight tonight with a swift overhand to the head. She lost consciousness and had to be rushed to the hospital. It is a gentle reminder how violent this sport can be and what fighters do to be good at it. It was hard to wait to hear for texts, but hear is the final news…
I know everyone is wondering so here it is: Steph suffered a Level 4 concussion from an overhand right in the first round. We are currently at the hospital. Her CTScan came back ok, and there is no bleeding or swelling of the brain, however she has no recollection of anything and cannot currently create new memories. The doctor is confident after a good nights rest her memory will come back. Please send her positive energy. Thanks for the support everyone.” Cris “MidgetTwister” Rodriguez

In 10 seconds of the first round, Medeiros improved her professional Women’s MMA record to 1-2-0 on March 31st at Beatdown MMA.

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  1. Joselita says:

    The only thing I am wondering is why they don’t test for steroids – and PUBLISH the results! Eggink is an accomplished boxer: U.S. National Team. Medeiros has no pedigree at all, no demonstrated hand skills. However, examine Medeiros’ body, face, neck, shoulders (changes in the past year) and it is hard to see anything but “juice”. That’s the only way she could ever penetrate a talented defense – with sheer, brute, chemically enhanced power. Ban steroids in MMA before someone gets killed in the ring!! Oh, sorry, UFC/Dana White said he won’t do this because UFC’s male fighters ‘require TRT’ to cure gonad deficiencies caused by illegal abuse of anabolic steroids when the UFC fighters were young. Wow, great logic from the head of the sport. Vince McMahon and Dana must be related.

    • Shelley says:

      Unfortunately for Eggink, her boxing skills didn’t help her in this fight even though she was the taller and considered a more technically skilled fighter. After seeing the video of the Medeiros-Eggink fight…Eggink clearly dropped her left hand after throwing a lazy leg kick. In fact, Eggink’s hand was down most of the time, any fighter would have taken that shot. It had nothing to do with brute strength! Medeiros simply got the better of her with an overhand right, her signature punch! As for skill levels most small fighters will use an over hand right against taller, longer reaching opponents and Medeiros obviously demonstrated some hand skills. I’m sure it was a tough loss for Eggink and for her fans to see her knocked out like that, but I’m also sure with her experience she and her coaches were well aware of what she was getting into taking the fight with Medeiros. I’ll look forward to seeing Eggink back in the game to fight again soon, and wish her a speedy recovery.

      Kaline Medeiros will be facing Jen Lopez for Reality Fights at Mohegan Sun on June 2nd.

      • Kathleen says:

        You are absolutely right about one thing: Eggink’s boxing skills didn’t help her in this fight. However, you are neglecting to recognize that her boxing skills probably COULDN’T have helped her in the face of chemically enhanced punches. Medeiros showed up with full on facial hair like she didn’t even try to cover up her juicing. IMO if u need roids to compete, you’re both a coward and a cheater. I also hope they do start testing and publishing results. Its just bad for the sport in every way. Just saying.

      • Kathleen says:

        Shelley, I don’t think you are seeing the big picture here. An overhand right may not have knocked Eggink out and sent her to the hospital with a serious concussion had it not been, in all liklihood, a chemically enhanced overhand right. By using steroids to enhance performance and strength, the playing field is totally changed. It’s cheating, plain and simple, and bad for the sport in every way. If somebody can’t enter the cage on their own with confidence that their training will carry them to victory, they have no place in MMA in my opinion. I understand Medeiros was sporting quite a bit of facial hair at that fight and appeared to have done little to hide it. I can think of only 2 reasons a young lady would have a beard and I think it’s safe to assume, based on her appearance all together, that she has most likely been juicing. I too really hope testing becomes mandatory and results published. Suspensions need to be harsh with repeat offenders banned. Period.

        • kaline medeiros says:

          I am sorry to disappoint you MRS Kathleen, I just got tested for steroids and guess WHAT, IT IS NEGATIVE CUZ I DONT USE THAT SHIT, AND FEEL FREE TO CONTACT MOHEGAN SUN ATHLETIC COMMISSION AND ASK THAT.

      • Nelson says:

        so awesome to see your photos and read your story! maria and i talk about how cute and sweet you guys are, together and separately. much love! also, Nathan Pierce, small world!

  2. mddd says:

    where can i see the video of this

  3. CLG says:

    This fight is being contested as it should be. The male hormones and facial hair this woman carries around is a disgrace to this sport. If you can’t do it naturally then find another sport…

  4. Shelley says:

    As for the BIG picture, What I’m seeing here are many unfounded accusations. Kaline faced two other opponents prior to facing Eggink (Marianna Kheyfrets and Katie Merrill) of which not one fan made any such statements as I’ve heard here. I do not condone enhancement drugs nor do I approve of blatant slander.

  5. Gary says:

    Shelley, where can I see the -Medeiros Eggink video?

  6. kaline medeiros says:

    Just to let every one know, I got tested for steroids on Jun 2 and guess WHAT negative! One more time, I DON’T TAKE THAT SHIT! Kathleen sorry if you don’t have what I do.

    • Kyle says:

      Posted on incredible, that was a very good read. In conclusion, someone who actually thinks and understands what they are blogging about. Quite difficult to find of late, especially on the web . I bookmarked your web blog and will make sure to keep coming back here if this is how you always write. thank you, keep it up! .

  7. Tampa Jess says:

    Kaline, What doesn’t Kathleen have that you do? Just because you were tested 3 months after the fight, doesn’t mean you weren’t on steriods at that time. I WISH they would have tested you before that fight. You definitely would have been sitting out. You are CLEARLY on steriods. Its so obvious Helen Keller can see it.

    • Ice says:

      My wife has been accused of roids and for one we cannot afford them, two we can barely afford enough food to cover not just our kids but also the bags of frozen chicken breast plus 6lbs of protein shake she takes per week. She made a transformation from 200lbs to 135lbs in 6 months and people jump on the bandwagon all of the time. Women don’t carry as much muscle so in turn, we increased her protein intake to 200gms a day, lowered her carbs to 75-100g pending on how many hours training that day was going to have, kept the fatg 30-35g. Weight lifting using heavy weights on bench, squats, deadlifts, biceps and military press and we split the body parts up to two days a week. All other days were MMA, boxing, sprints and intervals. The added muscle mass burned the fat off quickly when you eat clean as hell and no cheating. All of our friends and family know she never has and really that’s all that will ever matter. Couch potatoes and keyboard warriors who have never been cut, ripped or in top shape from eating clean will never know and will also assume. My 10 year old daughter unfortunatley has dark hair starting to grow on her legs, back and a little thicker above her upper lip. Does this mean she is taking roids, Hell no. Doctors have always said some women carry more testosterone and heavy weight lifting causes women to start producing more testosterone in order to keep up with the demanding workout. NOW, bust Kaline with roids or bust a few others with roids as well as guys being busted and the majority of the couch potato group will follow suit with accusations for the fighters and athletes who are clean.

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