In an interview on Fuel TV, UFC President Dana White tells the boys (at about 9:00 minutes in) that “I’ve heard some flack about the girls. Their mitt work is better than half the bleepity bleep guys.”

White has certainly changed his tune and kept his word with developing the new WMMA division in the UFC. Amazing how things can change…check out the full interview below.

For the first time in history, UFC 157’s Main Event will feature the Women’s World Bantamweight Championship bout between Ronda Rousey VS Liz Carmouche Saturday night February 23rd.

With years of anticipation WMMA has finally arrived! All the Way Babe!

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  1. Jay says:

    and wmma has come an even longer way since this article was written. I think its awesome to see these hardworking women getting the exposure they deserve.

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