Kaline wins via kimura

The fight opened with Payant swarming Medeiros with a flurry of punches. Unflustered Medeiros goes for a take down and effortlessly picks Payant up and throws her down on her back. Payant goes to  guard but Medeiros makes her way to half guard then to side control trying to straighten Payants arm out for what could have been an attempted crucifix. Payant  scrambles giving up her back.  Medeiros still working for a submission tries a guillotine, followed by some vicious ground and pound to the body. Payant scrambles some more getting Medeiros in a head lock but Medeiros is too powerful and takes control of Payants arm  working a figure 4 armbar that is beautifully straightened out torquing Payant’s shoulder back until she submits. Kaline “the Dark Angel” Medeiros finished Sarah Payant  with a Kimura in 3:24 minutes in the first round at Bellator 140 at Mohegan Sun.

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