Kaline “The Dark Angel” Medeiros has taken her game to a new level with her latest win over Kathina Catron via unanimous decision (30-27) at Legacy 45, aaaand what a dominate victory it was!!  Medeiros has been training with Gracie Fitness and Team Sityodtong and it shows. Catron had to Houdini herself out of one straight jacket after another!

IMG_5735Medeiros  even worked with UFC Fighters Amanda Nunes and Nina Ansaroff for a week. They came up from American Top Team in Florida to help prepare her for the strawweight bout with CatronMore on Medeiros prefight

How Catron avoided being submitted in the first round by a rear naked choke or guillotine after Medeiros took her back or was not knocked out by Medeiros’ vicious over hand right ( remember the Eggink fight ) is a mystery! In the second round was more of the same, Medeiros clocks Catron again with a heavy right that left a nice shiner below the left eye going into the third round.

The fight was non stop action from the get go, with Medeiros relentlessly on the offense every beating second while Catron defended. At first I would have said Catron was clearly outmatched in technique but after watching the fight a second time her ground defense was amazing. Medeiros hit her with everything including a superb takedown display in every round. . Catron survived numerous slams to the mat. If that wasn’t enough Medeiros even pulled off a tomoe nage (at 18:50 in the video below) take down in the third round!

I suspect Catron will learn a lot about herself from this fight as will MedeirosCatron now 6-7 may have lost the fight but her shear toughness remains intact.

Medeiros leaves Tulsa, Oklahoma with a new win making her record 6-4 as she steadily works her way up the fight ladder.

This was a great fight and fun to watch. Check out the fight on a home filmed video here:



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