Veta Arteaga  defeats Brooke “The Bully” Mayo in an all out WAR at Bellator 172. Mayo making her pro debut gave Arteaga a run for her money. Arteaga said “she can take a hit and give a hit!”

Bellator172_BrookeMayo vs


The 1st round started off with high intensity from both fighters. Mayo got Arteaga back but she managed to get out and through vicious punches while mayo was still on th eground with her back against the cage. Arteaga suffers a cut above her eye due to an accidental head butt

The 2nd round was a slower start but ended with more of the same back and forth with Mayo taking Arteaga to the ground getting her back then loses postition. But Arteaga lets mayo get back to her feet instead of slamming her with punches like in the first round.

The 3rd round you think its going in one direction then it changes with both fighters letting loose with strikes. Arteaga delivered heat and bad intentions with a flurry of punches that landed a brutal blow to Mayo’s left eye.

BrookeMayo eye stoppage_Bellator 172


Mayo’s eye blew up like a balloon causing referee Big John McCarthy to stop the fight to have the doctor take a look. the doctor stops the fight with less than a minute left in the third round. Leaving Mayo pleading “I can see!” over and over again.


BrookeMayo_Bellator 172


Looks like a good call by the physician to end the fight even though Mayo pleaded to let the fight continue. What she might not have realized is that with swelling like that its an indication of an orbital fracture and that the continued swelling could cause damage to the eye itself.

This was a fun fight to watch full of twists and turns! Tough loss for  Brooke “The Bully” Mayo, but looking forward to seeing her fight again soon!

Vita Arteaga improved her record to 3-1



Watch the Full Fight here:



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